sos-hair-falling-urban-keratinHair loss is very common in both women and men at certain times of life. Hair being a strong weapon of seduction, alopecia* can become a source of complex in many women and men.

*Alopecia refers to the partial or total loss of hair.

The causes of hair loss can be multiple: hormones, deficiencies, stress, weakened immune system ... In case of significant hair loss, we advise you to consult a health professional to determine the cause. Hair is essentially composed of keratin, a protein produced naturally by the body that makes up hair.


Causes of hair loss

The causes can be multiple, here are the most common causes of hair loss:


Yes, sometimes our genes play tricks on us... It's called androgenetic alopecia. This disorder affects men in 70% of cases and occurs as a result of hypersensitivity of the inherited follicles. Its growth cycle is disrupted and little by little the hair becomes thinner and thinner and then almost completely disappears.

Hormonal disturbances

Hormones fluctuate throughout our lives and can influence the health of our hair. Hormonal disturbances occur during or after pregnancy, during the menopause, after miscarriage, during abortion, when taking or stopping the contraceptive pill or in the event of thyroid disturbances. In this case, the hormones can decrease drastically, leading to alopecia.

Season changes

The change of season from fall to winter, the arrival of spring or late summer can cause hair loss.


Abrupt stress following an emotional shock can lead to sudden hair loss for a few months. A prolonged state of stress is known to be harmful to the general health and especially that of the hair.

Dietary deficiencies

Deficiencies in iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium can play a role in hair loss. Lack of iron or anaemia causes poor oxygenation of the blood and the necessary nutrients can no longer circulate properly. Thus, under-nutrition, mal-nutrition, anorexia and other eating disorders will cause these deficiencies that eventually lead to alopecia.

Weakened or disrupted immune system

Following surgery, certain drugs, diabetes or chemotherapy, the immune system is disrupted, which can sometimes trigger hair loss.

Other causes

The application of extensions, the use of aggressive products on the scalp or excessive handling of the hair can lead to a lasting loss of hair, causing the roots to move away from their irrigation area.

Straightening, repeated bleaching, unsuitable care and hair detergents will make the hair brittle in the long term. Also, even if the root remains intact, the regrowth will be so weakened that the hair will fall out.


In a future article, we will give you some advice on how to prevent hair loss (routine, diet, products to avoid). However, for any lasting hair loss, it can be the consequence of a health disorder. We advise you to consult a health professional who will be able to make a diagnosis based on your case.


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