But what is keratin? If it is the essence of our brand, it deserves to know more about this protein.

What is Keratin?

Our hair is composed of more than 95% Keratin, a protein naturally produced by the human body and which structures the hair fibre. It protects the hair from external aggressions such as pollution, sea water, UV rays, chemical treatments or heat. However, over time, this protein tends to diminish due to the lack of renewal caused by the passage of time and external aggressions such as repeated brushing, UV rays, pollution and anything that sensitizes the hair. Once the hair has built up and grown, it no longer regenerates and becomes "dead matter".

Hair, which is less protected, is more sensitive to all these environmental aggressions and as a result, it gets damaged and becomes brittle. It is therefore necessary to take care of it!


Its different forms

Keratin is the essence of hair. If it cannot be regenerated, shampoos and care products made of keratin will be a precious asset. At the same time, prevention against aggressions is a necessary condition to keep your hair healthy without altering its quality. In particular by protecting the hair from heat with a thermo-protective hair care product or from UV rays with an anti-UV care product. But what are its different forms found in the market?

If we understand the need to protect our hair with the help of specific care products that are enriched with it, it is important to know its different varieties: Vegetable keratin is extracted from wheat, corn or soya, it is also called "phyto-keratin".

Animal protein is extracted from slaughterhouse animals, eggshells, feathers, but also from hooves, sheep wool or alpaca wool...

All our care products and shampoos are composed of vegetable keratin, its composition is rich in amino acids.


Keratin and various hair care products

There are two ways to strengthen the hair with keratin-enriched hair care products. Home care that will protect the hair from external aggressions but also give it strength, shine and elasticity.

Deep care that will change the structure of the hair like the keratin smoothing treatment, more commonly known as Brazilian straightening. When the hair has been subjected to recurrent attacks, the smoothing treatment will give it a second youth by injecting the protein into the internal structure of the hair.



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